As a non-profit organization, Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre relies heavily on volunteer support to help the artistic staff, dancers and the production team present a professional, well-organized and polished production such as The Nutcracker as well as CYBT’s Spring productions.

Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre is seeking people who wish to help in any way they can.

We need volunteers ……who can give a little bit of their time,
……who are dependable,
……can commit to regularly scheduled volunteer hours,
……work well with others,
……and who want to make a difference in the lives of young people.

To find out more about becoming a Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre Volunteer, please contact:
Email us at: or call us at: (843) 651-2006 or (843) 839-5678



CYBT’s production expenses include theater and backdrop rentals, sets and props construction, the purchase of new costumes, refurbishment of old costumes; professional fees, travel and accommodation expenses for Guest Artists, printing of the Playbill, posters, and tickets; and print, radio and billboard advertising. Our volunteers’ sharing of their time, talent and resources play a big part in making it  possible for CYBT to successfully undertake our programs and productions.

All parents of CYBT company members and cast members are asked to help with the many tasks that need to be accomplished. Each company member’s / cast member’s family is expected to be responsible for providing volunteer time to help with the production (which does not include time assisting your own child). This is a great way for parents to contribute to the growth and success of CYBT.

The strong collaboration between the artistic staff, CYBT Board of Directors, administrative staff, the Coastal Dance Centre and Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre family volunteers has helped pave the way for the growth and success that CYBT is now experiencing. It is amazing team effort!

Different types of tasks and volunteer information are available.

To sign-up, please contact Ms. Sona Handlova, CYBT 2017-2018 Volunteer Coordinator, at or call 843.839.5678 or 843.651.2006. 

Here are some of the Volunteer Opportunities you can help us with:

Advertising and Marketing
> Can you help CYBT to successfully promote the productions and CYBT itself, via sveral mediums
> Can you help distribute posters (as many as possible), in grocery stores, campgrounds, restaurants, neighborhood bulletin boards or clubhouses, and all stores possibly from anywhere around the Grand Strand – Georgetown, Pawleys Island, Murrells Inlet, Surfside, Murrells Inlet, Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Loris, Aynor, Gallivants Ferry, Little River, Conway?
> Can you contact schools, see if flyers can be sent home with students and deliver our flyers to them?  

“The Nutcracker” Playbill –

> If you have individual / business connections in the community, help us solicit advertising for the Nutcracker Playbill! Follow up and follow through is a must for success. Ms. Peggy Pitocia, our CYBT Development Chair, will provide guidance to help you be successful.

Special Projects:
An Afternoon with Sugar Plum Fairy and the Nutcracker Characters Event
> Donation of homemade holiday-themed baked goodies are very much welcome! 
> Can you help us reach out to restaurants or grocery stores to secure donation of food and drink supplies?
> Can you help with the set up and decor for the event /and help with the clean up after the event?

The Nutcracker Boutique
> Would you please donate or solicit donations Nutcracker Dolls to be sold at our Nutcracker Boutique?
> Could you help embellish (to bling it up!) the Nutcracker Dolls?
> Can you help with packaging the Nutcracker Boutique items?
> Can you help with setting up and manning the table / selling at the theater lobby during our performances?

Production Support:

Costume Care and Refurbishment – 
> Can you help with costume repairs / mending, embellishment; sewing of appliques, hems or minor rips? NOTE: We need volunteers who can really do a good job on any of the costume repairs / embellishments, are meticulous and detailed.  

Props Crew – 
> Can you help with setting up props, be part of rehearsals and performances to assist with the cast, and help organize and put it back in storage bins?

Transport, Load and Unload Crew 
> Can you help with transporting, loading and unloading  the marley floor, sets, props, costumes from storage facility to the theater venue and back to the storage facility when the production is over? (We need at least 10 people to help)

Hospitality Crew 
> Can you donate or solicit food items and drink to provide our cast, crew, and staff with nourishment and hydration for our long rehearsal days or  for our performance days?
> Can you help set-up and man the hospitality tables and ensure clean up each rehearsal and performance day?

 Backstage Dancer Supervision Crew 
> Can you assist with dressing our dancers into and out of their costumes, assist with bathrooms trips, help with make-up re-touch, monitor our kids during snack breaks, and most important of all, make sure our kids are ready to go on stage for their dance(s)

  Front of House Crew  
> Can you help as Ticket Sellers / Ushers, hand out the Playbills at any of the productions? (Remember though that you are working as a volunteer when you sign up for this volunteer task and will be expected to be up on your toes, monitoring the audiences’ needs more than watching the performance)
> Coordination of school buses and seating for the school matinee performance

For more information, please contact Ms. Sona Handlova, CYBT 2017-2018 Volunteer Coordinator, at or call 843.839.5678 or 843.651.2006. Don’t forget to sign-up NOW and get your hours counted! Thank you very much for helping make a difference!